The Bridgette Brisbane Lifeguard Management Course

By Bridgettte Briscarden, Lifeguard News | Posted February 17, 2019 09:03:58Bridgette was a lifeguard on the Bridgettes Coast for over 25 years.

She is now a lifeguards coach in Brisbane.

Bridgett said she found the Brisbanetimes course interesting because of the need to keep people safe and provide feedback.

“When we start you’re learning the fundamentals of how to safely do your job and how to assess how well you’re doing,” she said.

“I love that we’re learning and we’re doing the right thing and you get to have the confidence in yourself to be able to do that.”

Brisbane lifeguard coach Bridgetty Briscards program is about teaching people how to be safe and effective at their jobs.

“We’re learning all about the safety issues around lifeguards,” she explained.

“But the thing is, we’re also learning all the tricks and the tricks are all about keeping people safe, and the tips and tricks are about managing expectations.”

The Bridgetts’ course has taken her and her family through a whole range of topics.

“Our whole job is to keep the kids safe,” Briscardi said.

“I teach them the fundamentals.”

My son is really into the water, he loves it.

We also teach them how to behave in the water and how you can teach kids the importance of being able to keep up with their peers and be safe.

“Briscardes parents, Joe and Mary, have been coaching Bridgets program for a few years now.”

It’s a great learning opportunity for us to help our kids learn about the importance and safety of lifeguards and lifeguards safety,” Briscoe said.

Mary said she was really pleased with the way her children were able to learn about lifeguards.”

The kids were really happy with the course, the kids had a great time,” she told ABC News.”

They were very excited to learn more about lifeguard safety.

It was really exciting to see them learning about it and the safety measures we have to take.

“Bridgetts program also includes a series of social interactions for parents and children.”

If we can teach the kids some of the skills that they need to be good lifeguards then we can have a really positive impact on their lives and their families,” Brisborne said.

Briscardi is also encouraging parents to share their stories of how their children have been impacted by lifeguards work.”

As a parent of two kids, my son and I have both worked in lifeguards for a couple of years,” Brisi said.

The Brisbines were happy to see that Brisbee’s parents had taken her courses seriously and had followed up with parents and others who had been involved with the program.”

Parents are really encouraged to go out and do this,” Briskan said.

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