ESPN Insider: ‘The Game’ and other new NBA and NFL programs will be coming to the ESPN app from 2019, exec says

ESPN Insider – ESPN’s new video game channel will premiere the first episode of “The Game” on July 20, 2019, according to a report by

The network announced the news Wednesday in a blog post.

The first episode will premiere on ESPN.

It will air on July 14, 2019.

The “Game” will launch on Apple TV and Apple TV streaming devices in late 2019, ESPN said.

The network’s “SportsCenter” will be the only current sports video game to launch on the network in 2019.

“It is exciting to see that ESPN has finally found a home for ‘The Playbook,’ ” ESPN President John Skipper said in the blog post, “which is the new digital version of ESPN’s ‘The Watch.'”

“The Game,” an NBA-themed series that debuted in 2016, has a new trailer, the first image of the series’ iconic character, “The Wizard,” and the first teaser trailer for its newest game.

“This is an exciting time for ‘SportsCenter’ as we move to the next generation of sports content, including the launch of ‘The League of Legends’ and ‘The NFL,'” Skipper added.

The series has been available to users of Apple TV, Apple TV 2 and Apple Watch.

“We have a tremendous history of bringing sports to fans around the world,” ESPN president John Skippers said in a statement.

“I am confident that we will continue to be the go-to destination for sports fans worldwide as we build out the ESPN mobile platform and our content for the web.”

The “League of Legends” series launched in March and has generated more than a billion dollars in revenue. “

With the launch and growth of ‘NBA Live,’ ‘NBA 2K18,’ ‘The Madden NFL 18’ and more, we’re making our presence known on mobile devices and across multiple platforms.”

The “League of Legends” series launched in March and has generated more than a billion dollars in revenue.

The “NBA Live” series has generated over $1 billion in revenue since launching in July.

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