Managing the shipyard: A management course

Posted September 20, 2018 12:28:10When a shipyard manager wants to make a change in how the company manages its fleet, he or she might want to start with a management course.

These courses are designed to help managers understand how to do the work they do and help them develop the skills to be able to effectively manage the shipyards fleet.

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start their own shipyard,” says Andrew Stott, CEO of the New Zealand Shipyard Management Association.

“It will give you an idea of what the people in the shipbuilding industry are doing.

You’ll also learn what shipyard owners are looking for in the person who will manage their shipyards.”

If you’re looking for a course that will help you learn the skills required to manage your shipyard, then take a look at the following courses:How To Run a ShipyardThe Shipyard Manager Course is a four-day course that focuses on managing the ship yards fleet.

The course covers how to manage the fleet and how to plan and execute a fleet-wide fleet planning exercise.

“We have a range of shipyards, so if you have an opportunity to manage one of the ships, it would be helpful to take the course,” says Stott.

The course will cover topics such as:How to plan for shipyard operationsHow to operate a shipbuilding factoryHow to manage staff, contractors and contractors’ rightsHow to negotiate with suppliersHow to maintain and repair a shipHow to keep a ship from falling apartHow to handle emergenciesHow to conduct business with the public and the mediaHow to ensure a shipyards staff are up to dateHow to respond to emergenciesHow long to hold a meetingHow to train employeesHow to hire contractorsThe course is open to anyone with at least a Bachelor of Science in business, engineering, or related field.

“The main thing you need to know is how to operate your business and how do you manage the business,” says Chris Jones, a logistics executive and the owner of the Shipyard Team Management Institute.

“This course is the best course for anyone who is interested in managing the ships fleet.”

What You’ll LearnThe course focuses on the management of shipyard workers, contractors, contractors’ and suppliers.

“What you learn in this course is a little bit different to what you learn elsewhere,” says Jones.

“You’ll learn how to be a successful businessperson, how to deal with people and the things that you do with people.”

Jones has worked at shipyards for more than 10 years, but this is the first time he has taken the course.

He says the course was designed to give his company an understanding of how to run a business.

“When we started out, I was looking for an understanding on how to make changes, and we were looking for something that was practical,” he says.

“I would not have done this course if I did not have a firm understanding of the business.”

This course also covers how ships fleet managers handle emergencies.

“For a ship that is running out of steam, a lot of people do not have the right kind of understanding about how to get the ship out of the water,” says Mr Jones.

The shipyard managers course focuses more on the role of contractors.

“These are people who have worked on a ship for years, and you would normally find them in the management and crew room,” says Ms Stott of the NZSMA.

“If you have any questions about the way you operate the ship, we would be happy to have someone on site to answer your questions,” she says.

The Course Is OnlineCourse dates from April 1 to May 5.

You can register for the course online by clicking here or contact the NZ SMA’s contact centre on 03 9284 1777.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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