How to keep your home and your business healthy with a stress management class

Learn to live with stress through a stress reduction course and learn how to stay calm and maintain a positive outlook through a series of guided classes.

Read moreWhat is stress management?

Stress is the feeling of tension, frustration or anxiety that comes with a significant change in one’s daily life.

Stress can also come from things like the death of a loved one, a sudden illness, or even a loss of a job.

Stress management is a method to manage stress through the use of cognitive behavioural therapy and other interventions.

The course teaches how to live in harmony with your body and the environment and help you to feel calm and relaxed.

Each week, you’ll receive an introduction to stress management and some exercises to help you cope.

You’ll learn about how stress affects the body, and what types of techniques work best to manage your stress.

You’ll also receive a daily stress score, which is an estimate of how much stress your body is under and how much time you need to adjust your life.

Your stress score will be updated regularly throughout the year.

To get more information on your stress score and the different stress management classes, please contact the course organisers.

The courses are offered in two formats: a short, two-week course and a longer, three-week, six-week or 12-week program.

The program also includes an assessment and self-assessment of your mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing, and a workshop for teachers.

You can also register for any of the stress management courses available through the course providers’ websites, such as the Stress Management courses and Living with Stress course.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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