The first course to be used for online courses in Serie A

L’Aquila are considering using the new online courses to cater for an increasingly demanding population of players and fans, according to club president Claudio Lotito.

The club have been preparing for the arrival of an increasing number of players on the footballing scene since the introduction of the Serie A, and Lotito told La Gazzetta dello Sport that the use of the new courses would be a natural extension of that trend.

“We have already started to look at the use for this season of online courses for players and supporters, which is already happening in other countries,” Lotito said.

“It is not only for them, but for the fans as well.

There are a lot of young players that have already enrolled in the courses, and we are looking for more players.”

Lotito said the new course would be available to any club, regardless of the number of members.

“In Italy, there are more than 70 clubs, with a number of them that have been already using them,” Lotino said.

“It is the first time that an Italian club has used this approach, and it is also a way to get a better understanding of the players, their mentality, and their abilities.”

Lotiza also revealed that L’Amico will continue to use the courses during the 2017-18 season, with the club hopeful that the club will have a player of the year candidate in the first half of next season.

“The next season will be different,” Lotiza added.

I think we can use it to select a player or two.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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