When is the last time you watched ESPN’s NFL Draft?

ESPN’s official college football site has taken a long time to get around to covering the draft.

That’s understandable considering that the site has been a mainstay for some time, but the network is apparently getting a bit lazy.

That has been highlighted by the omission of a lot of the coverage from the site.

ESPN’s coverage of the draft has been limited to two articles a week for most of the last three years, which has left a lot to be desired.

It would seem the network wants to avoid that with its new slate, and that includes a major article this week that will feature the first two rounds of the NFL Draft.

The two articles that have been featured on the site so far have focused on a handful of topics, but both of those topics are fairly straightforward: Who the best player is in the first round and where the teams are picking in the second round.

That article focuses on the first day of the Draft, and it’s an interesting look at how the picks stack up compared to the other draft classes.

As mentioned earlier, there’s been some criticism of the first-round draft, which was not a huge surprise to me, but it’s worth noting that the draft was a relatively uneventful one, as the teams had a very strong showing in the regular season.

As of this week, the best teams have a record of 9-0 and only the top two teams from the regular-season are still playing.

The top four teams in the draft are the same as they were the year before: Ohio State (1-0), Baylor (1.5-1), Louisville (2-0) and Texas A&M (2.5 – 1).

Texas A & M had a bye the year prior and Clemson is now playing at Clemson.

The top four in the 2017 NFL Draft are Clemson (4-0, 4-0 ACC), UCLA (5-0-1, 4 to 5 SEC), Stanford (6-0 SEC) and Ohio State.

As we’ve noted before, the first three rounds have been very successful for the draft, with teams coming away with two first- and two second-round picks.

This year, there are five teams that made the draft that have made the playoffs.

Texas A Tech is the only team that missed out, but they’ve been a lot more successful at making the playoffs than the other teams, as they’ve made the BCS Championship Game and the College Football Playoff.

The only teams that have not made the playoff this year are Alabama (1, 2, 3), Georgia (1 – 2, 2), Tennessee (2 – 1, 2) and LSU (1 and 1).

LSU is currently on a bye, but Alabama has played in the Boca Raton Bowl and the Cotton Bowl, and they’ve also played in some other games in the last few weeks.

The last time we looked at the first and second rounds of drafts, we saw Clemson (1) take Stanford (3), Alabama (2) take Louisville (3) and Auburn (3 – 4) take UCLA (4) in the same round.

It was a good pick, and the draft looked like a good value pick for Clemson.

But, Clemson also had a lot in the way of injuries at the position and Clemson went out and signed a quarterback from Ohio State who has not been very good, but he’s had a pretty decent career at Ohio State, so Clemson had a decent pick as well.

That pick was taken by Clemson.

A few more picks later, the same team takes Oklahoma State (5) in a big way.

They were a very good team, but Oklahoma State is now 5-0 after a 6-0 start.

The best team in the league is 6-1 Texas A.M., which has now won four of their last five games.

The third and fourth rounds of picks are also pretty interesting, with Notre Dame taking Florida State (6) and Alabama taking Louisville (7).

Notre Dame took Alabama at No. 6, which is really impressive.

The Tide is now 7-1 and is a game behind Louisville, but Notre Dame was still pretty impressive, especially considering they’re on a two-game losing streak.

The Buckeyes have a 7-3 record, and Louisville is now 3-3.

The fourth and fifth rounds are more of the same, with Oklahoma State taking Clemson (6 – 7) and Florida State taking Auburn (7 – 9).

This is another good pick by Oklahoma State, as it gives them a solid spot in the playoff at 6-2, and Auburn is the second-best team in America.

The draft is not over yet, and there are still three teams in each round that are on bye and are not in the playoffs, so there are teams that are getting a chance to win the title.

But it looks like there is a lot left to do, as there are nine teams that missed the playoffs last year, with the

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