What you need to know about the new ‘rural management course’


— With the National Guard and National Guard Reserves in the midst of an extended winter, it is becoming increasingly important for the rural communities they serve to take advantage of the opportunity to grow and create jobs, according to a new report by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The report, issued Thursday, outlines the importance of providing local leaders with training, technical assistance and technical assistance opportunities to develop a business plan for revitalizing rural communities.

The Corps has been working on this report for several years and is the first federal agency to look at it, said David C. Ochsner, assistant secretary of defense for planning, policy and logistics.

The Army Corps has not yet released a comprehensive report on how to revitalize rural communities, but Ochssner said the recommendations from the report will help inform decisions and actions taken by future administrations.

The goal is to encourage communities to be able to compete with urban centers and to create jobs by supporting the rural economy, the report said.

The study focuses on how the military and the state governments can provide technical assistance to rural communities that are struggling financially, but also to create opportunities for people to work and learn in rural communities to support economic growth, Ochson said.

For example, the study found that some communities are suffering from severe economic challenges.

The federal government has been struggling to pay for training and equipment that communities need to compete in the economy, and that has created some communities that cannot attract the kind of jobs and opportunities that other communities are creating.

The corps has also seen a surge in the number of rural communities with large populations of people who are dependent on food stamps and other benefits, according the report.

Oichsner said in some of these cases, there are no options available to provide services and other resources to the communities.

To help communities that rely on these programs, the Corps has launched an ambitious program called the National Rural Infrastructure Reinvestment Initiative.

The program will provide financial support to local governments and other entities that have been able to create business plans to make their communities competitive in the new economy, such as improving the local schools and expanding roads.

The effort is also aimed at providing the tools to support local government leaders who have to make decisions about where to put their communities, the Army report said, and also for rural communities whose leaders do not have the time or expertise to implement the plans.

This effort will focus on supporting communities that have experienced economic challenges, including a reduction in tax revenue and increased costs for local businesses and homeowners.

To meet the needs of rural businesses, the corps has established several training programs to help them get up to speed on how they can implement innovative strategies to attract new customers, including new services, better technology and technology-related job opportunities.

The training is also focused on creating training programs for rural businesses that offer apprenticeship programs that provide people with skills that can help them build businesses in the future.

The plan to address rural economic challenges will also help local governments better manage and respond to natural disasters.

The rural economic impact study recommends that the federal government support and implement three types of disaster assistance to help communities recover from natural disasters: disaster assistance, disaster recovery assistance and disaster assistance for rural areas.

The third type of disaster aid will provide emergency relief in rural areas, the plan said.

These emergency relief assistance programs include disaster assistance in disaster-stricken areas that are already under threat and provide assistance to people who have no means of support.

Disaster recovery assistance will help communities rebuild, and disaster recovery aid is designed to assist businesses and individuals to return to their normal operations.

The first two types of assistance are not expected to have a major impact on the rural economies, the military study said.

However, the third type is a more important priority, as it provides support for communities in need of assistance and is aimed at assisting those in need with assistance in transitioning to the new business model of the economy.

This assistance can include money for training, technology, and other assistance, as well as money to help pay for basic needs.

The final type of assistance will be focused on providing assistance to communities that can’t get the help they need right now, but need help to move to the future, the Pentagon study said, citing examples of communities that need aid for rebuilding their schools and for preparing for the effects of climate change.

The government’s plan is meant to provide assistance in response to natural hazards and other emergencies, but it will not address all the challenges that are faced in the rural community, the document said.

This type of emergency assistance could be helpful to communities in places that have limited or no other means of providing assistance.

The idea of providing support to these communities in the absence of federal assistance is a goal that the corps is striving for and is in the process of working toward, Oichssner added.

For instance, he said, the army is trying to improve its training for corps members and to increase its technical assistance.

He added that the Army

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