How to build your own underwater spa

By Jennifer A. Ramey, Bleacher Sports Staff Writer The latest in water sports technology: The water is cold and dry.

You put your feet on a cushion and stand on a chair and your phone’s microphone starts blaring.

The only sound is the sound of your body bouncing off the water.

You have to hold on to your phone for a second and the sound is just a reminder of the day.

You’re standing in the ocean, a bit of light fog drifting into view.

The water here is a lot colder than the one you’re standing on, but the fog is thick and there are people floating around.

It’s a hot summer day in Lake Erie, and the temperature is hovering around 50 degrees.

This is where you’ll spend the next four days.

You’ll be learning about the world’s most advanced underwater equipment, from the intricacies of the underwater system to the most basic of safety procedures, including where you should sit, how to get under the water and how to handle the elements.

The first two days will be focused on the basics of the water-filtration system.

You can expect to spend about half an hour learning about how to make a vacuum and then another half hour doing the basics with the equipment.

The third day will be dedicated to how to properly clean your underwater gear, which includes a detailed instruction guide for how to put your gear in place and where to put it.

The final day will take you through a water safety checklist that covers everything from how to keep your equipment in tip-top condition, to how much you can submerge underwater and how long you can stay under the surface.

It will include how to use the tools, what to wear, and how much protection to wear.

During this week you’ll be spending most of your time in a submerged environment, so your safety gear and equipment will be in a waterproof case.

This week’s equipment lesson begins on Thursday, May 19 at 11:30 a.m.


For more information on what you need to know about diving in the water, and a list of the equipment you’ll need, check out our underwater diving primer.

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