Which Businesses Are Ready To Take On the Corporate Government?

The next step for many corporations, however, is to take on the Corporate government.

There is little doubt that the corporate bureaucracy is an obstacle to growth.

With this in mind, many business owners have begun to take the fight against the corporate government seriously.

The problem, however is that many are not willing to put their personal finances and/or financial security ahead of the economic well-being of their business.

For this reason, many of the top executives at the top corporations are not ready to fight the corporate-government alliance, even if they are willing to spend more time with their families and/ or spend less time at work. 

To get a sense of how important this issue is to business owners, I will share a list of the companies on the list that I think will be in the best position to take a stand against the corporatocracy.

The companies below are the ones that I believe have the best chance to take this fight to the corporate regime, and it is up to business leaders to make sure they are doing everything they can to make it happen.

The following list will be updated throughout the month as more businesses and executives take the battle against the Corporate-Government alliance seriously.1. 


Facebook3. Twitter4. 



Apple7. Netflix8. 



YouTubeThe list of companies that have been selected to participate in this study is a small sample, but it will allow you to get a better idea of how businesses are reacting to this issue and what their responses will be.1) Amazon2.









YouTube.comThis list is by no means comprehensive, and the companies listed are only a small portion of the more than 100,000 businesses that have taken the Corporate Governance Challenge and are now taking a stand.

It is my hope that by highlighting the companies who have chosen to participate, we will be able to educate the public on what this issue means to them and their families. 

2) Google3.








Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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