UCLA launches blockchain-based platform for teaching business skills

uclA, the blockchain-powered business management platform from uCla, has launched a new platform that offers courses in blockchain, technology, finance, marketing, and more to help students gain an edge in their business.

The platform launched in partnership with the University of Cambridge’s Business School, which aims to make learning blockchain-related and sustainable through an open and open-ended learning environment.

uClan, which has more than 6,000 users, was created in 2014 by UCLa founders Michael Caulfield and David Wilson.

It was first launched in the UK in 2016, with the aim of helping business students become better business owners, as well as helping them better understand the value of blockchain technology.

“We have built uClamble to give students the skills they need to be a blockchain-enabled entrepreneur and to grow their business through a practical and engaging learning environment,” said Ben McNeil, cofounder and CEO of uClaan, in a press release.

“We have also created an educational platform for those who want to take the next step, as we are excited to offer more courses in the blockchain sector to those interested in learning blockchain.” uClay’s new platform will enable students to get a deeper understanding of blockchain and blockchain technology, through an interactive learning environment where students will learn how to build and manage their own blockchain businesses.

uCLay will also offer more flexible course options.

“For students, we hope uClai will provide a platform that enables them to tailor their courses to meet their own needs, including their own funding needs, while providing a platform for other learners to learn more about the value blockchain has to offer,” McNeil added.

The platform was launched with a focus on business education, and will be available in the coming months.

 “We believe blockchain is the future of business education and we believe this is a good opportunity for students to experience blockchain in their own home, with a team of blockchain experts, and with a supportive community of professionals who will be able to help them learn from the best,” said Andrew Bilton, vice president of UCLan, in the uClas announcement.

For more information on uClain, visit uClawebsite.com/uk.

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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